May I have your attention!

This week I have read 4 articles,recommended by professor @BoydNeil, including How to Use Social Media to Engage With Customers and Build Your Brand, by Andrew Pressault, How Governments are Using Social Media for Better and Worse, by Zachary Sniderman, Non-Profits: Drive Behaviour with Social Media, Roger Dooley, and New Research Shows Which Social Networks are Ideal for Marketers, by Patricia Redsicker. After reading these materials, I have got some ideas about how to start conversation with audiences and the differentials between platforms.

First of all,in general, I think the audiences’ intention is the most important things we want to have in term of starting a engagement campaign. Eveballs is not enough, because what we want are the audiences’ interaction, no matter asking question, answering question, or even dealing with complains, that means the audience is really want to pay his/her time and effort to you, and want to interact with you. When we are off line, we can simply ask “May I have your attention?” to complete this task, but we need to carefully plan our online behaviors to hit the target. For example, when a audience is praising you, no matter he/she have bought or just hear from his/her friends, we should thanks him/her ASAP and then give him/her more information about the product or service to start the conversation; when someone is asking question about our product or service, that’s great, we should answer it ASAP, and then follow up how he/she think about the answer and give him/her more information, such as other guests’ reviews, to continue the conversation; when a customer is making complaint on line, we needn’t be afraid, can’t ignore it of course and we should show up ASAP and then use the customer service resource to solve the problem, if we can solve it quickly, we properly would have a strong advocator.

Second, just like Gary Vaynerchuk said in his book Jab,Jab,Jab,Right Hook,”Though the functions of every platform may sometimes overlap, each one cultivates a unique language, culture, sensibility, and style.” Before we make the marketing campaign, we should have in-depth understanding of each platform and choose the appropriate platforms for our business. Although our prospects may have spent more time on Facebook, the new algorithm have restricted our marketing effort greatly and if our product or service can be demonstrated attractively by visual content or the majority of our target audiences are women, the best platform may be Pinterest or Tumblr; if our online shop is relying on SEO greatly, the Google+ can’t be ignored.

Finally, when we work for non-profit organization, the recognition is actual the core value we are selling, just like the use-value of product or service we are selling. So when we design a social media campaign, we should consider carefully how to spread the recognition properly, using the functions of each platforms.


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