Please show us your Social Media presence first, you will received the phone if qualified.

This week we are discussing the pros and cons of employer or HR recruiter pre-screening candidates through social media sites. My classmates have contributed lots of great views, that I want to share here.

Let’s begin with my opinions first.

I think there are two pros. First of all, the HR recruiter can get more detail information than the carefully polished resume, reducing the risk of hiring a unqualify personnel, .e.g. if you hire a employee with a bad habit of ill-treating animal, like the CEO in a Vancouver company, caught by hitting his puppy in elevator by camera, the company may have to bear unwanted critics from public; Second, positively, you may find other strongpoints of the candidates, more fitting to another position you have looked for longtime.

On the cons side, first will be that the varieties of personalize information would put heavy workload on HR department. Obviously, people see the profile or account as their own properties, like their house, so they build them whatever style they want, without considering how the HR might use them of course. So it’s very difficult to give guideline or policy to HR recruiters to analyze the information, if the company really want to normalize the use of Social Media in recruitment. Second, careless using may cause unintended lawsuit. The activities on social media platforms may include candidates political opinions or sexual orientation. Although you can declare the decision isn’t based on that kind of information, the candidates may properly think it as a reason and make a complaint to government or sue you.Unlike the resume of candidates are kept confidentially in the traditional recruitment, the personal information are publicly accessible when using the Social Media method. Anyone with enough time and basic statistical skill can possibly find out the pattern of your recruiting activities, if you don’t be careful, that may have troubles someday.

Here are some of my peers opinions.

@Madolyncn says, (prescreening) blurs the lines between mixing personal life with professional life.  Online there is no such thing as having a personal vs. professional life.This is where pre-screening becomes controversial. Should candidates be penalized for sharing their opinions(good or bad) online?

@supriya81 says,(one pro is)Time saving: With online resources easily available just a click away, companies / HR departments/ recruiters no longer waste their time meeting every candidate. They can use their time on more relevant and applicable profiles.

@saviorys says, The one thing I would say is, social media is for us to tweak and portray the side we want to be seen as. It’s our highlight reel. At the end of the day, if pre screening is a part of your job interview, the easiest thing is to always have a happy + professional social media that generates positive energy. That will set you a good start. The bad part is… any one can fake it to make it on social media. As they say don’t fake it to you make it, fake it till you believe it.

How do you think about it? Leave your opinions please.


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