Three differences in building content strategy between Business,Non profit and Government

In the last two months, we have been focusing on the topics of building social media and community strategies. A crucial part of these two strategies is the contents, which can help building expert image, attract new prospects, foster conversations and engagements, and, what is more important,  invoke desired actions, no matter in business, nonprofit or public sectors. So establishing a content strategy is also very important.

“Content strategy is getting the right content to the right user at the right time through strategic planning of content creation, delivery, and governance.”
                                                              –The Content Strategy Alliance

Just like the differences of building social media strategy between the three kind of organizations, for-profits, non-profits and government agencies,  there are also have three main differences when we making the content strategy for these entities.

1. Audiences
As marketers, we all know the fundamental law of marketing–build our campaigns from the demand of targets customers–but it will be more important when we try to create the contents, which are the key and only products that our prospective customers would and want to consume in the campaign. Just as we have talked about in another article, 3 MAIN DIFFERENCES IN MAKING SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES FOR BUSINESS, NPO AND GOVERNMENT, the enterprises are looking for people who will and have the ability to buy goods or services, the NPOs are acquiring donors and volunteers, and the government and their agencies are trying to cover the populace who have the need of inquiry and support. Basing on the general differences, we need to find out the detail interests of the different demographics by surveys, polls or researches, just remember that it should be user-centered works.

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It’s no need to cover up the final purpose of these content strategies, driving people to a desired action in the future. Writing a content just for the sake of writing is journalist job. For-profit companies are looking for selling products to their audiences, non-profit organizations want to raise funds or attract volunteers from their connections and government agencies want more audiences to vote, for example, or attend programs. Although we know that there is a 90/10 law when creating contents, the “90” part of contents should help the “10” contents to achieve the final goals, for example, an online movie selling company should not foster the community with free-consumed habits.


3.Contents sources

It’s more difficult for a for-profit company to carry out a content strategy for its making profit nature, so most of them would try to build an expert image on a topic related to their industries, sending a message of giving out value other than garbing. For nonprofits and government agencies, most of their works are providing by the form of services, so the best sources of contents are stories of their users.


Do you agree or not? Please leave your comments or advises.

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